To 223_ and Beyond

The App Innovators story begins in Tallahassee, Florida, circa 2012. Entrepreneur Dustin Rivest saw a need for a service to assist businesses with their digital presence in the growing technological age. In the years since App Innovators has expanded in size as well as grown a significant presence in the community. All of our projects, large and small, have been successful due to our fantastic team and clients. As a full digital agency, we work with our clients to complete every project to total satisfaction, creating over 200 mobile apps published to the Apple Store as well as Google Play. However, as any growing business knows, at some point in the journey, a change is necessary to indeed reach the potential you are aiming for.

In the past few months, we have been working to rebrand our company to bring it to the height it deserves. We have gathered some of the best talents in Tallahassee to assist in this adventure. They have risen to every occasion, becoming some of the strongest pillars of this company. With our team, we know that we can do anything. In addition to staff growth, we have grown and renovated into a new location! After updating a downtown office to our classic, modern office style, we have planted our first flag at 223 West Carolina St.

We use the term “planted our first flag” to recognize the flag and astronaut which has become the new face of our brand. By using these elements together, we aim to reiterate our endeavor to grow into a robust and nationally-known company. For a while we found ourselves searching for a place to call home, and now we have done just that. With the world at our feet, our flag will be the mark of where we’ve been, with many more to come as we grow. Whether it’s Tallahassee, Miami, or beyond, 223_Agency can be. Nevertheless, our first flag at 223 W. Carolina St. has become our home base; no matter where else we go, we can always follow the path back to it.

223_ Agency, as a brand and service, is rooted in Tallahassee, Florida with room to grow to the moon. The very “_” in our name pays honor to a vintage coding rule in which code developers would leave a "_" at the end of a line of code to let other developers know that there was more to be done. At 223_, we believe that there is always more to be done._