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Digital marketing

We use digital technologies and social media platforms to develop, manage and measure an organization’s awareness and client relations to generate positive results. Your brand awareness and reputation must be strategically built and maintained. There are numerous ways your online activity can be affected both positively and negatively, some originating far beyond your control. 223 Agency team delivers innovative proven techniques to elevate your online presence.

App Development

223 Agency’s proven approach to app development allows us to work with both individuals or organizations to take their idea from concept through design, development, functionality, testing, and prepping for market launch. The 223 Agency has developed more than 200 apps, some of which have demonstrated proven opportunity for success in healthcare, education, sports, veterans, manufacturing, citizen engagement, and not-for-profit/association industry sectors.

Strategy & Consultation

In today’s evolving business environment, staying relevant in any aspect of the digital landscape requires smart, effective strategy. We customize our consultation for digital strategy to each client based upon their business goals and target audiences. We help you prepare for the critical components of your digital presence whether it involves compliance, security, responsiveness across social media platforms and digital platforms – both public and private.

Website Development

We approach website development as an architect would design a new building. Understanding your work environment, the desired user flow, and how to make each visit useful and memorable is absolutely imperative to our web development process, and this is where 223 Agency excels.


223 Agency’s videography team produces visually captivating work. We specialize in planning, production and editing. Whether it is for your website, app, mobile, desktop or professional presentation and marketing, the 223 team creates memorable visual experiences to move your audiences to action.


Our professional photography crew is capable of capturing the most vivid images to serve your business and captivate your client’s interest. From professional headshots to casual team photos, the 223 photography team produces memorable images. We use top of the line equipment and techniques to make you look great.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of talented people.

Digital Marketing.

Digital Relations encompasses the professional use of digital technologies and social media platforms to develop, manage and measure an organization’s awareness and client/customer relations to generate positive results and outcomes.

Digital marketing

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